Republican National Convention

Drama is unfolding at the RNC, as was to be expected. As chaos unfolds on the convention floor, one may think to themselves, how has American politics come to this? It is pitiful, to say the least. Between the arguments on the floor about delegates attempting to jump ship at the last minute to ditch Trump, and endless arguments about something as simple as the rules of the Convention, I become frightened for the future of this country. The Convention itself is asinine enough; basically a pep rally for the nominee to bring in a slew of speakers to hype his/her campaign. Not to mention the Convention costs upwards of 60 million dollars. There is no better showcase for American politics; throwing huge sums of money into something as stupid as this Convention. This should just be a reason for logical Americans to come to their senses and decide to do away with the two party system; as it is obviously broken. This year is the perfect time to bring a serious third party candidate into the mix. I think to myself as I watch the madness unfolding at the RNC; “how could anyone think that these are the people that need to run our country?” They cannot even create unity among their own party, much less the country. This is not to say that the democrats are any better; their party is in the exact same predicament. Americans need to come to the realization that our political system is broken, and the only way to fix it is to go outside of the two party system. Feel free to watch for yourselves the chaos that our country has turned to, as the RNC continues.


Our Layers

Our Layers

We humans are a sophisticated type. We are all comprised of layer upon complex layer of personality, secrets, memories, and everything that makes us, us. You might not ever realize it, but you have different layers yourself. We have different layers for the different people we encounter on a day to day basis.

Our outer layer is, for the most part, is made up of small talk and awkward conversation. Our outer layer is for our acquaintances, peers, classmates, and coworkers that we are forced to communicate with on a daily basis. There is not a lot to it. Most people are extremely similar on the outside. We save the uniqueness and quirkiness for our friends and family. If you dig down really deep into a person’s layers, you might eventually get down to the center. The last layer. This is our real self, that we save for the very special people in our life. For me, there is only one person who has dug down into the middle, and actually gets to know the real me. Some people might have shown their center layer to more than one person, but a lot of us save it for just one person that we feel so comfortable with that we break down all of our barriers and show them the most true side of us.

Some of us have far less layers than others. It is all dependent on how complex of a person you are, and how much to you there is. There are a lot of people that the layer you first experience is quite similar to their center layer; simply because there are not many layers in between. What you see is what you get. Some of us are completely comfortable showing our true self to anyone that will give the time to see it. But there are also a lot of us that have so many layers, and are so complex, that there might only be one person who ever gets to the center. We find it more difficult to break down barriers for people we do not completely trust, so not many people see our true self. The point being, we are a complex species. We all have our own unique personalities and attributes that make up our layers.

Is every voice equal?

In America, is every voice truly equal? In a democracy, shouldn’t my voice carry as far as anyone elses? Today, that is only an illusion. The idea that us, the American people, have a say in who becomes the next president of the United States is only a sad misconception. The men and women who run for office are only puppets of the political machine that is the Republican and Democratic parties. The potential candidates are hand picked by party heads and political donors (wall street, big money Super PACs) whose say so matters much more than yours and mine. We many choose which party wins or loses, but the concept that any man or women can be the president is a tall tale. Money runs the country we live in today. Votes are bought and sold. Elections can be won and lost with huge sums of money. Super PAC’s donate monstrous sums of money in order for the candidate that will carry out their wishes to win. Candidates promise favors to corporations and wall street in order to garner their support and the money that comes with it. It is the sad truth. I have lost all faith in both major political parties. I do not favor one over the other; either is as bad as the other. I believe it is this time in America, when there is so much frustration with the political system, with Washington, that a third party needs to make its entrance. A third party could be what we need to provide a new voice for many fed up Americans. I will be voting for a third party this November. Many tell themselves that their vote will be lost if they vote for a third party, but that is exactly what the political machine wants us to believe. We need to come together and find a way to put an end to the machine that is Washington DC. Wake up America.