The Failure of the Two Party System

Before I begin, let me be clear that this synopsis is clear from bias; as I support neither major political party. It has become clear that the two party system that plagues our political system today, is a hopelessly broken system. I, and many others, wonder this year why it is that the two options we have to choose from are so extreme, on their respective sides of the aisle, that it is basically impossible to stomach voting for either. Why is it that we have to “vote for the lesser of two evils”? I am certain that that is not what our founding fathers had in mind. There is a reasonable candidate that I am certain members of each party, and independents could stomach voting for and agree on, but he has basically no chance of being elected since he is not running for one of the major political parties.

The two party system basically guarantees that no major change will ever come over our country. Each party has it’s rigid system of beliefs, and if a candidate does not promise to run on the platform that the party has taken on, then a candidate has no chance of running for either party (ex. Bernie Sanders). We are stuck in a forever corrupt system because everyone has been brainwashed to believe that they are forced to vote either left or right. Maybe, just maybe, if everyone just voted their gut and voted somewhere in the middle, we would see more cooperation between parties and more real change in America. Presidents these days have a very limited range of power due to the lack of cooperation between the parties. They promise very unrealistic things during election season that are sure to never see the light of day. After watching the DNC and RNC it almost blows my mind to come to the realization that so many Americans have been brainwashed enough to support one of these two loony toons running for president.

Almost even more sad is the fact that no one can have a political discussion these days without it turning into a bitter argument with name calling and hurt egos. The leaders of each party have brainwashed us to think that the only correct views are the ones that align with your political party, and anyone that believes otherwise is wrong. That is very prevalent in this election season. If we all were actually as tolerant as we claim to be, there would be an unbelievable amount of cooperation and change. However, no one is as tolerant as they claim to be. We are not all as different as our parties tell us we are. We all just need to open our eyes and see that. It is obvious that the two party system is the source of all of the hate that we see today. The only way to actually better our country is to do away with the two party system by electing a third party candidate, or electing third party members of congress.


Why the Republican Party is Failing

I was raised to be a conservative in the 21st century. Over the years, I have decided for myself which aspects of the conservative movement I agreed with and those with which i strongly disagree with. At the current time in my life, I would consider myself an independent who is fiscally conservative, yet socially progressive. These descriptions do not fit the mold of either major political party, so I find myself caught in the middle between the two parties, confused as to which I identify more with, and which I share more of my values with.

The Republican party is so far behind the times on social issues that it is almost laughable. In 2016, they are running a campaign with the promise that they will restore traditional family values, or in other words, undo gay rights. As a millennial, I can say that there is such a small fraction of my generation that is not pro gay rights that it would not even register on a national poll. Their views are so narrow minded that the only base they appeal to anymore is people over the age of 40. Their support base over the next decade or two will more than likely completely diminish, due to the fact that they refuse to advance their backwards social ideology. They also turn away a large portion of voters due to the fact that their basis is 100 percent based on Christianity, when a large percentage of voters do not practice Christianity.

I believe in being extremely fiscally conservative, so I would really like to embrace the Republican Party, but that seems to be impossible with the message they spread. It is even more unlikely that I would ever identify as a Democrat due to their unrealistic spending and eventual bankrupting of our country. So comes the tough decisions to make when you are stuck in the middle of a heated battle, unable to pick a side. Both political parties need to come down to earth and find a message that resonates with real life voters. The extremism of both parties casts away many voters who refuse to embrace their divisive campaigns. The Republican party will soon whither away if it does not embrace the 21st century and come to the realization that America is a progressive country. We will have to see if they do, or if another party will take its place; perhaps the Libertarians.

Double Standards In Washington

I have been closely analyzing the Hillary Clinton email situation throughout the last couple of days, and would like to blog a little about my thoughts on the FBI’s conclusion. This is a synopsis coming from an unbiased voter, as I will not be voting Democrat or Republican this year.

The FBI stated in their findings that Secretary Clinton did in fact use a private email server to discuss classified information. They stated that there were over 100 classified emails on this server, with about a dozen having the “top secret” label. Their findings also included that Mrs. Clinton handled this classified information in an “extremely careless” manner. The statute that Hillary was being investigated for having violated states that she could be prosecuted if she used “gross negligence” in her handling of classified information. As an aspiring attorney, I like to analyze situations like this, as the wording and terms interest me. I am no legal expert, but to me “extremely careless”, and “gross negligence” are extremely similar terms by my definition. Many people agree with me, and many people disagree. But there is a large group of Americans who feel that these terms are very close, and close enough that it seems as though the FBI is ignoring a federal statute by not recommending Secretary Clinton be prosecuted.

Many people feel as though there is a double standard in our justice system. Even Director Comey admitted in today’s hearing on the FBI’s findings, if an FBI employee had been found handling classified information in this manner, there would have been strict repercussions for this hypothetical individual, and there is a good chance they would have been terminated. Now we have our former Secretary of State, and potential President, and she will not even receive a slap on the wrist. No, she was found to be completely innocent. It seems as though she was not indicted simply because she is too big of a fish to take to court.

Only 30 percent of the American public find Hillary Clinton to be trustworthy, and yet she is leading in every national poll to be our next president. I am no fan of Donald Trump, but I am even less of a fan of Hillary Clinton. Her campaign lied to the American public on numerous occasions within the last couple of months. They stated that 1. They deleted no emails off of her server, 2. There was no classified information to be found on the server, and 3. she used only one device to access this private server. All of these statements were proven to be false in the FBI’s findings. It baffles me that after all of this, 30 percent of Americans find Hillary to be trustworthy. I am confused as to how anybody can stand for being blatantly lied to over and over again. It frustrates me to no end that our politicians are above the law and can do as they please with absolutely no punishment. It looks like it is just business as usual in our nation’s capitol.

The Disease of Nationalism

How did it become that our human race is so divided by borders? We are taught from an early age to love our country above all else, and our country is superior than others. To say your country is superior to another, is to suggest that your country’s citizens are superior to another’s.

What exactly is a country? A country is nothing more than lines drawn by governments, with people in them that are governed by separate governments. It is slightly ironic, that the only thing that divides all of humanity is government, and the lines it has drawn over the years. It is difficult to undo all of this at this point, but if one were to ponder what benefit having all of this division has had, you might be stumped. Nationalism and division has caused hate, wars, and greed. Our countries leaders tell us to be proud to be Americans, and we live in the best country on earth. But what attitude does that give us? That we are better than people that live in other countries. This attitude has caused so much phobia. A phobia that everyone in every other country wants to hurt us, or hates us. That is very prevalent today; the idea that everyone hates America and the people in it. I personally, come in contact with many foreigners on a day to day basis, and see with my own eyes that this is a lie.

I rebuke the idea that one culture or way of life is superior to another. We are all humans. We are, as a whole, humanity. How could we possibly be so different? The only thing stopping us from achieving world peace is in fact, government. I am happy to live where I do, and the fact that I am free to say and do as I please where I live, but I will not believe that people from my country are better than another. That is an idea that breeds hate. Lets stop the hate, and unite humanity instead of empowering already overpowered world governments.

Is every voice equal?

In America, is every voice truly equal? In a democracy, shouldn’t my voice carry as far as anyone elses? Today, that is only an illusion. The idea that us, the American people, have a say in who becomes the next president of the United States is only a sad misconception. The men and women who run for office are only puppets of the political machine that is the Republican and Democratic parties. The potential candidates are hand picked by party heads and political donors (wall street, big money Super PACs) whose say so matters much more than yours and mine. We many choose which party wins or loses, but the concept that any man or women can be the president is a tall tale. Money runs the country we live in today. Votes are bought and sold. Elections can be won and lost with huge sums of money. Super PAC’s donate monstrous sums of money in order for the candidate that will carry out their wishes to win. Candidates promise favors to corporations and wall street in order to garner their support and the money that comes with it. It is the sad truth. I have lost all faith in both major political parties. I do not favor one over the other; either is as bad as the other. I believe it is this time in America, when there is so much frustration with the political system, with Washington, that a third party needs to make its entrance. A third party could be what we need to provide a new voice for many fed up Americans. I will be voting for a third party this November. Many tell themselves that their vote will be lost if they vote for a third party, but that is exactly what the political machine wants us to believe. We need to come together and find a way to put an end to the machine that is Washington DC. Wake up America.

Not the America I know

I am surrounded by hate. I am troubled by the fact that there is so much hate in this country I love so much. This election year has highlighted the outstanding differences between the different groups in America. We are more separated than ever by race, ethnicity, gender, and political parties. Our politicians do nothing to solve this; in fact they have only made it exponentially worse. This is not limited to one side of the aisle. Right wingers that have backed Trump have chosen a candidate that they see will magically fix all of their problems with the snap of a finger. They trust him because he speaks to the crowds as if they were his long time friends. He uses no political correctness, and speaks his mind. However, this has come with extremely inflammatory rhetoric that has made many Americans feel as though they will be ostracized if he is elected. He has appealed to the dark side of many people’s minds. The side that harbors all of their fears, irrational misconceptions, and anger. He appeals to this, and uses it to his advantage. His other, less extreme Republican opponents refused to stoop to his level, and were simply pushed out of the race due to their refusal to play on people’s fears. He has garnered a strong following now, and will be a force to be stopped this November.

On the other side of the aisle, we have a very angry group of extreme liberals that have been convinced by Bernie that the rich are evil and they have been the victims of every injustice. These extreme left wingers have taken a hatred to the establishment, and would never vote for their own parties choice, Hillary. Mrs. Clinton, who has played her gender card all the way to the top of the democratic party to clinch the nomination, will take the fight to the Donald to see who runs our country for the next four years. This is a terrifying thought. My choice for president in the first election I will ever get to vote in will be between a crooked businessman who will say anything and do anything to win, or a lifelong politician who is being investigated by the FBI and loves to state her best qualification for why she should be president is her gender.

These strongly differing candidates that have gained so much support only highlight the intense differences that Americans have. It seems the only people who are capable of stopping this increased division in America; this hate, are politicians. Yet we have potentially the two most different, and divisive candidates coming to clash in a few months to take charge of this broken country. It is a troubling thought. What happened to a united country, where compromise and intelligent dialogue were the main forms of problem solving? If one were to watch the political debates on tv this year, they could easily mistake themselves to be watching a comedy skit. I yearn for a better future. I yearn for the division and hatred to stop. Mostly I yearn for a politician that will bring that to us, but this year will not be the year.