Republican National Convention

Drama is unfolding at the RNC, as was to be expected. As chaos unfolds on the convention floor, one may think to themselves, how has American politics come to this? It is pitiful, to say the least. Between the arguments on the floor about delegates attempting to jump ship at the last minute to ditch Trump, and endless arguments about something as simple as the rules of the Convention, I become frightened for the future of this country. The Convention itself is asinine enough; basically a pep rally for the nominee to bring in a slew of speakers to hype his/her campaign. Not to mention the Convention costs upwards of 60 million dollars. There is no better showcase for American politics; throwing huge sums of money into something as stupid as this Convention. This should just be a reason for logical Americans to come to their senses and decide to do away with the two party system; as it is obviously broken. This year is the perfect time to bring a serious third party candidate into the mix. I think to myself as I watch the madness unfolding at the RNC; “how could anyone think that these are the people that need to run our country?” They cannot even create unity among their own party, much less the country. This is not to say that the democrats are any better; their party is in the exact same predicament. Americans need to come to the realization that our political system is broken, and the only way to fix it is to go outside of the two party system. Feel free to watch for yourselves the chaos that our country has turned to, as the RNC continues.


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