Why the Republican Party is Failing

I was raised to be a conservative in the 21st century. Over the years, I have decided for myself which aspects of the conservative movement I agreed with and those with which i strongly disagree with. At the current time in my life, I would consider myself an independent who is fiscally conservative, yet socially progressive. These descriptions do not fit the mold of either major political party, so I find myself caught in the middle between the two parties, confused as to which I identify more with, and which I share more of my values with.

The Republican party is so far behind the times on social issues that it is almost laughable. In 2016, they are running a campaign with the promise that they will restore traditional family values, or in other words, undo gay rights. As a millennial, I can say that there is such a small fraction of my generation that is not pro gay rights that it would not even register on a national poll. Their views are so narrow minded that the only base they appeal to anymore is people over the age of 40. Their support base over the next decade or two will more than likely completely diminish, due to the fact that they refuse to advance their backwards social ideology. They also turn away a large portion of voters due to the fact that their basis is 100 percent based on Christianity, when a large percentage of voters do not practice Christianity.

I believe in being extremely fiscally conservative, so I would really like to embrace the Republican Party, but that seems to be impossible with the message they spread. It is even more unlikely that I would ever identify as a Democrat due to their unrealistic spending and eventual bankrupting of our country. So comes the tough decisions to make when you are stuck in the middle of a heated battle, unable to pick a side. Both political parties need to come down to earth and find a message that resonates with real life voters. The extremism of both parties casts away many voters who refuse to embrace their divisive campaigns. The Republican party will soon whither away if it does not embrace the 21st century and come to the realization that America is a progressive country. We will have to see if they do, or if another party will take its place; perhaps the Libertarians.


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