Let Me Drive Away

Driving Away

Some days I wish for nothing more than to pack everything that matters to me in a bag, throw it in the trunk of my car, and drive. Drive away from all of my problems, with someone I can share some experiences with. Some days I tire of the daily norms. I wish to not deal with the issues that I face; I would much rather just drive. It relaxes me just to close my eyes and pretend. I pretend I am somewhere where my problems cannot reach me, and I am free. One day I will do just that, just not today. Tomorrow I will get out of bed and go about life as usual. But one day, I will drive until my hearts content. I am at my highest when I am riding with the windows down on a beautiful night, listening to my favorite music. Only I wish that I was headed somewhere more desirable. But I stay upbeat, because one day that I will do just that.


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