Double Standards In Washington

I have been closely analyzing the Hillary Clinton email situation throughout the last couple of days, and would like to blog a little about my thoughts on the FBI’s conclusion. This is a synopsis coming from an unbiased voter, as I will not be voting Democrat or Republican this year.

The FBI stated in their findings that Secretary Clinton did in fact use a private email server to discuss classified information. They stated that there were over 100 classified emails on this server, with about a dozen having the “top secret” label. Their findings also included that Mrs. Clinton handled this classified information in an “extremely careless” manner. The statute that Hillary was being investigated for having violated states that she could be prosecuted if she used “gross negligence” in her handling of classified information. As an aspiring attorney, I like to analyze situations like this, as the wording and terms interest me. I am no legal expert, but to me “extremely careless”, and “gross negligence” are extremely similar terms by my definition. Many people agree with me, and many people disagree. But there is a large group of Americans who feel that these terms are very close, and close enough that it seems as though the FBI is ignoring a federal statute by not recommending Secretary Clinton be prosecuted.

Many people feel as though there is a double standard in our justice system. Even Director Comey admitted in today’s hearing on the FBI’s findings, if an FBI employee had been found handling classified information in this manner, there would have been strict repercussions for this hypothetical individual, and there is a good chance they would have been terminated. Now we have our former Secretary of State, and potential President, and she will not even receive a slap on the wrist. No, she was found to be completely innocent. It seems as though she was not indicted simply because she is too big of a fish to take to court.

Only 30 percent of the American public find Hillary Clinton to be trustworthy, and yet she is leading in every national poll to be our next president. I am no fan of Donald Trump, but I am even less of a fan of Hillary Clinton. Her campaign lied to the American public on numerous occasions within the last couple of months. They stated that 1. They deleted no emails off of her server, 2. There was no classified information to be found on the server, and 3. she used only one device to access this private server. All of these statements were proven to be false in the FBI’s findings. It baffles me that after all of this, 30 percent of Americans find Hillary to be trustworthy. I am confused as to how anybody can stand for being blatantly lied to over and over again. It frustrates me to no end that our politicians are above the law and can do as they please with absolutely no punishment. It looks like it is just business as usual in our nation’s capitol.


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