The Disease of Nationalism

How did it become that our human race is so divided by borders? We are taught from an early age to love our country above all else, and our country is superior than others. To say your country is superior to another, is to suggest that your country’s citizens are superior to another’s.

What exactly is a country? A country is nothing more than lines drawn by governments, with people in them that are governed by separate governments. It is slightly ironic, that the only thing that divides all of humanity is government, and the lines it has drawn over the years. It is difficult to undo all of this at this point, but if one were to ponder what benefit having all of this division has had, you might be stumped. Nationalism and division has caused hate, wars, and greed. Our countries leaders tell us to be proud to be Americans, and we live in the best country on earth. But what attitude does that give us? That we are better than people that live in other countries. This attitude has caused so much phobia. A phobia that everyone in every other country wants to hurt us, or hates us. That is very prevalent today; the idea that everyone hates America and the people in it. I personally, come in contact with many foreigners on a day to day basis, and see with my own eyes that this is a lie.

I rebuke the idea that one culture or way of life is superior to another. We are all humans. We are, as a whole, humanity. How could we possibly be so different? The only thing stopping us from achieving world peace is in fact, government. I am happy to live where I do, and the fact that I am free to say and do as I please where I live, but I will not believe that people from my country are better than another. That is an idea that breeds hate. Lets stop the hate, and unite humanity instead of empowering already overpowered world governments.


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