Be a Tourist

Be a Tourist-Capitol Blogs

We live in an amazing world. You could quite literally spend your entire life traveling and seeing the sites, and you would not even manage to take in a fraction of everything there is to see. You can discover the most amazing, breathtaking things in the most unexpected places. I don’t like getting too familiar with a place, because I feel as though I am wasting time that I could be exploring some amazing new place. Since I am young, I have not been able to do nearly as much traveling/exploring as I’d like, but there is no doubt in my mind that that is exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life. I have a thirst to see as many amazing things as I can before I die.

I come from a small town where not many people leave, and almost no one has any desire to. Maybe it was this upbringing that has made me so sick of this attitude. I simply cannot fathom how many people are so comfortable with staying in the same town their entire life, and will die having not seen anything. I don’t believe in becoming comfortable with a certain place, because once you’ve become comfortable, it is not nearly as exciting. You have seen everything there is to see in that place. There are too many amazing cities and sites in the world to become comfortable living in or visiting just one. Every new place offers amazing new experiences. I would rather find my home within a person instead of a place. I don’t want my “home” to stay anchored to one place. Rather, I can spend my life going from place to place within someone that I feel comfortable exploring with.

I encourage you to be a tourist. Don’t become a local. There are too many wonders in this world to pretend that we are “just fine” staying where we’re at. We were put on this earth to explore; it is human nature. So do just that, and discover something amazing


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