Blind Eyes

Mankind has always needed leaders. We complain about rules and structure from the time we are born until the day we die, but we desperately need it. Without rules to follow and societal expectations to abide by, what would we do? We are born with goals, and the majority of people’s goal align with societal expectations on what we should do with our lives. Society tells us what success and happiness are, and how to achieve them. We do not question it, because we are told so. Our leaders reaffirm this, and push us to achieve “The American Dream.” I often wonder to myself why I do what I do. I busted my ass throughout grade school to get into the best college I could, so I can get the best job and make the most money that I can. I strive to be “successful”. But where did this definition of success come from? Whose to say success for one person is not completely different for somebody else? I push myself to achieve everything that I can simply because I feel that I am supposed to. I was taught that that is how I should live my life. I have accepted that that is how I am going to live my life; that I will work hard and hopefully find a sense of purpose in what I do with myself. I just often find myself questioning what it is that pushes me to do what I do. That invisible force that I feel compelling me to do my best at everything. It seems to me that we are almost in a way enslaved from day one by societal expectations. We see people with nice things, driving nice cars, and living in big houses. We idolize celebrities because they have what we want. Money drives our decisions. We work our asses off so we might achieve happiness through possessions and money. However, many die unhappy because they find that happiness was not in what they purchased. I have come to the conclusion that I will make money not to become a slave to my possessions, but to be financially unburdened. I want to spend my years traveling, and seeing everything there is to see. I want to do everything I want to do. That is only possible if I have the means to do so. I want to break societal expectations by making money not so I can prove how rich I am, but so I can find myself and find what it is that makes me happy. Make the money, don’t let the money make you.


4 thoughts on “Blind Eyes

  1. The work/life/study balance is really hard to achieve. At the end of the day, the things that matter most to me cannot be purchased – however I cannot deny that my comfortable income lets me enjoy what matters more than others may have the opportunity to.

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  2. I really liked what you had to share. The content in your blog is thought-provoking and profound. This blog will be a great place to capture and analyze ideas about society and where we are going as a country. I see a real need to discuss these ideas with others to get people thinking.

    As a public school teacher of 6th graders, I definitely have watched as this “cultural force” is pervading the school system. It’s not the teachers, believe me, we are desperate to wade through the muck and mire of paperwork, testing, and “teacher accountability” measures so that we can teach our students how they can question and think for themselves. I have observed how kids are pushed by parents and society that their only way of becoming successful is to go to college now. Students who would be wildly valuable and successful in trade school and working with their hands instead (and will have the potential to become well-off in this business) are not even considering this option anymore. Very sad.

    Just a writing thought: you may want to break up your sentences and ideas in paragraph sections, so that it is easier to read for people. Consider a different font as well! What you have to say is so important, so making it “easy on the eyes” will attract more viewers to contemplate what your blog will contribute. I saw a really neat t-shirt the other day that read: “THINK it’s not illegal yet.”


    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback. It truly is interesting to watch the direction our country is headed and the effect it has on the children of today. I will make sure to remember the those tips!


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