Not the America I know

I am surrounded by hate. I am troubled by the fact that there is so much hate in this country I love so much. This election year has highlighted the outstanding differences between the different groups in America. We are more separated than ever by race, ethnicity, gender, and political parties. Our politicians do nothing to solve this; in fact they have only made it exponentially worse. This is not limited to one side of the aisle. Right wingers that have backed Trump have chosen a candidate that they see will magically fix all of their problems with the snap of a finger. They trust him because he speaks to the crowds as if they were his long time friends. He uses no political correctness, and speaks his mind. However, this has come with extremely inflammatory rhetoric that has made many Americans feel as though they will be ostracized if he is elected. He has appealed to the dark side of many people’s minds. The side that harbors all of their fears, irrational misconceptions, and anger. He appeals to this, and uses it to his advantage. His other, less extreme Republican opponents refused to stoop to his level, and were simply pushed out of the race due to their refusal to play on people’s fears. He has garnered a strong following now, and will be a force to be stopped this November.

On the other side of the aisle, we have a very angry group of extreme liberals that have been convinced by Bernie that the rich are evil and they have been the victims of every injustice. These extreme left wingers have taken a hatred to the establishment, and would never vote for their own parties choice, Hillary. Mrs. Clinton, who has played her gender card all the way to the top of the democratic party to clinch the nomination, will take the fight to the Donald to see who runs our country for the next four years. This is a terrifying thought. My choice for president in the first election I will ever get to vote in will be between a crooked businessman who will say anything and do anything to win, or a lifelong politician who is being investigated by the FBI and loves to state her best qualification for why she should be president is her gender.

These strongly differing candidates that have gained so much support only highlight the intense differences that Americans have. It seems the only people who are capable of stopping this increased division in America; this hate, are politicians. Yet we have potentially the two most different, and divisive candidates coming to clash in a few months to take charge of this broken country. It is a troubling thought. What happened to a united country, where compromise and intelligent dialogue were the main forms of problem solving? If one were to watch the political debates on tv this year, they could easily mistake themselves to be watching a comedy skit. I yearn for a better future. I yearn for the division and hatred to stop. Mostly I yearn for a politician that will bring that to us, but this year will not be the year.


6 thoughts on “Not the America I know

  1. Us presidental election is a much waited one. People around the world as interested, as you said they are two different people.

    I would be glad if you checked my blog.:-) 🙂


  2. Perhaps you should look into third-party candidates. Not to show a political slant, but I will say that Americans are mostly trapped into believing it’s “either-or,” when (at least in national elections) there are indeed other options on the ballot. The Libertarian and Green parties seem to be picking up steam with a lot of people this election season, but there are actually many small “third-parties” that may also appear on ballots. The important thing is to learn the stances of the various parties and their candidates (including the Republicans and Democrats), and find the candidate that you feel is best.

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