Nature or Nurture?

What is it that causes one person to behave completely different than another? Why do some of us have short tempers, and others have sustained patience? Why do some of us excel and perform under any circumstances, and some of us tend to fail or struggle at all times? Is it preset from birth? Do we all have a set attitude towards life when we are born due to genetics, or does nurture come into play? Does the way we are raised, our surroundings, friends, and circumstances shape our attitude towards life? These are questions I ask myself so often. I wonder daily how my peers differ so strongly from myself. I wonder what happened in someone’s life to give them the characteristics that they share today, or if perhaps they were born with them. I like to believe that I gained many of my traits through genetics, and others I incurred as I went through life. I have not changed much through the course of my life. I have the same friends as I did in my childhood, and I act the same as I did years ago. However, I have seen many of my peers change drastically over the course of a few years. Some of us are more set in our convictions and beliefs than others. I believe we are the way we are due to a combination of nature and nurture. We are born with a set of traits that we will carry through life; and many situations we encounter and people whose lives we will share ours with will rub off on us. It is a very interesting concept. We are in a way, an unfinished piece of pottery when we are born. We have been shaped to a certain extent, but in no way are we done being shaped.


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